Gallery of entries passing the 1st round of judging

Those who submitted entries (registered) are eligible to vote for the "Participants' Choice Prize". Candidate works are those that have passed the first round of judging.
Votes for the "Participants' Choice Prize" can be submitted from this website as well. Registered users can vote for up to entry works that have passed the first round and are also allowed to vote for their own works.

In order to vote, log in by clicking "log in" on the page menu, then enter "GALLERY TOP" and proceed from the work information screen that appears after clicking the entry work thumbnail.
Any of your entry works that have passed the first round and your vote status can be confirmed in My Page.
[Other functions within this website]
There is a [Bookmark BOX] available. Selected photos can be placed in your [Bookmark BOX] by clicking [ Bookmark] on the work information screen, then the selected photo can be viewed at any time. Please use this function when submitting your vote.

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